Thursday 24 May 2012

{REVIEW} Poundland's Instant Cupcake

Well, having a (very) quick mooch around my local Poundland - what did I happen upon? Only an Instant Cupcake(?) - 'Just Add Water' it proudly declared. What -  did it grow like the magic beanstalk in the fairy tale?? No, it apparently just grows in an 800w microwave.

So I invested my hard earned £1 and thought - how bad can it be? Read on.

The sealed cup had inside a small sachet of powder - Powdered Sugar, Wheat Flour, Egg Powder, Corn Starch and some other very unpronounceable scientific sounding ingredients to be exact. 'Pour in 30ml water' the directions stated - that's two tablespoons to you and me.

It then said mix together for 3 to 4 minutes. Now I am not an expert by any means, but I was very concerned with over developing the gluten in the wheat flour (yeah right), so my instant cupcake wouldn't be too tough. After 2 minutes it looked mixed, and I was bored, so I shoved it in the microwave 'on full power for 1 minute'.

It pinged, my excitement was peaking, and I opened the door.

Hmmm - it looked like anaemic steaming sponge, had no smell to speak of and was slightly domed. That small puddle of cake batter had certainly risen.

I couldn't wait any longer - I was just too eager to try the  baked nuked item. I took a pastry fork and pulled at the sponge. It had a very weird like rubbery consistency and was very aerated - hence having to mix the thing for so long. I was glad I hadn't stirred for the further 2 minutes - it might have taken over the kitchen like a scene from the 1950's B Movie 'The Blob'. It had no taste what so ever. I had tried sprinkling on some 'chocolate marshmallow' popcorn seasoning, but even that couldn't override the blandness.

I realised it hadn't stuck to the sides and it came out of the paper cup very easily, quivering on the plate like mutant jelly. I couldn't face anymore and fed it to the bin. My recommendation - buy Poundland's pre-baked cupcakes - 6 for £1 - if you really are desperate for inexpensive cupcakes!

The Instant Cupcake gave Cakeyboi the 'boak'....


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