Saturday, 26 May 2012

Eurovision Cake

The Eurovision Song Contest has always been a constant in our lives. Like good old Queen Liz (topical) or Coronation Street (not liking it at the moment, stopped watching it) it’s always been there. It’s as camp as Christmas and always good for a laugh at other countries’ eccentricities!

My friend Ewan always throws a Eurovision party and in the past few years I have been baking cakes to take along, with the flag of the host nation on top. I’ve done Norway (never took a photo of that one), Germany and

 this year’s host Azerbaijan (see pic at top). The first year I took along the Union Jack, but that would have been pretty samey each year, and well, it was probably the only time I would get to do our flag as we have zilch chance of winning ever again (shall I be eating my words instead of the cake Hump??).

The party itself is always hilarious – we all put money into a sweepie and draw countries at random. Whoever has the winning country keeps all the dosh. And you have to drink constantly whilst your country is performing. Plus you have to take along food and drink of a participating country – thank goodness for the East European section in Tesco!!

Anyway, it’s always nerve wracking to see what flag I’ll have to be making the following year. Let’s pray Macedonia doesn’t win! Have you seen their flag??

The cake is a yellow cake - same recipe for the Watermelon cake, minus the food colouring and chocolate chunks. And the frosting is cream cheese frosting - same recipe as topping for Sweetza but in greater quantities. And the fun part is sourcing toppings, for Azerbaijan I used a white chocolate star and moon, green sour apple sweets, raspberries and blueberries!

Cakeyboi is a huge Eurovision fan too….


  1. Lovely cake. Have enjoyed it enormously! Thank god Sweden won after all, nice and simple flag. Of course I may be in Stockholm watching it all live next year.....must be mad!

    1. Perhaps Cakeyboi will have to do the hosting in your absence - we can all keep an eye out for you on the TV :)


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