Thursday 17 May 2012

Lorraine Kelly aka Watermelon Cake

A few weeks back I decided to enter a competition on the Lorraine show, for the Cake Club segment. The idea was to submit a recipe for a cake made in your family for generations, something with a bit of a tale to it, that kind of thing.
So I dusted off my recipe folder and decided to concoct a new cake using an older recipe - which was courtesy of my late Great Aunty Mary who married an American Serviceman. She lived in the US for years, but was based over here for a while at the Edzell Airbase. Anyhoo, she used to make us fab birthday cakes and I decided to adapt one of these.
The recipe was for a basic 'yellow' cake, which I added some almond extract to and dark chocolate chips. But my secret weapon was going to be the fluffy marshmallow frosting - with the taste of watermelon. I found a website recently ( which supplies concentrated flavourings for baking and confectionery and I had recently purchased watermelon extract. So I decided to not flavour the whole cake (too intense) but only the outer frosting - dyed vivacious green. To the cake batter itself,  I added pink colouring and dark chocolate chips (to look like the seeds).
The cake turned out a gaudy, marshmallowy homage to the watermelon and the verdict by all my eaters was a big thumbs up.

But alas, my entry to the Cake Club was not successful. I console myself with the thought that it may have looked like nepotism a wee bit as Lorraine lives quite nearby. Hey, I am allowed to delude myself!

Cakeyboi had his own homage to watermelons...


  1. Brilliant, just brilliant. Who else would have thought this up? We will miss you at cake club this month :)

    1. I really will miss it - but have everything crossed for the next one!

  2. Wow, what a whopper of a cake!


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