Monday, 28 May 2012

Great British Bark

I love making Bark. It is such an adaptable recipe and makes a great gift for someone. It’s not too common this side of the ‘pond’ but it’s basically a sheet of chocolate (milk, plain, white – your choice) with things like fruit and nuts embedded into it. Click here for a ‘proper’ explanation Bark seems to come from the likeness to tree bark, as it’s broken into chunks, apparently similar to the tree variety! I first discovered Martha Stewart’s version, which uses rice krispies, white chocolate and crushed candy canes (it’s a Christmas one).

But ever since, I have been pimping it for different seasons. I hope to bring you my different variations over time.

But as we are heading toward a very British summer what with the Jubilee (I’m not a Royalist but it’s good to party!) and the Olympics, plus all the Union Jack adorned items in the supermarkets, I thought why not come up with a Great British Bark?

I mostly use the staples of white chocolate and rice krispies in my bark and this version was no exception. But I wondered what else I could use. The kind people at M&M’s have brought out a red, white and blue variety, so they would be perfect I thought. But what quintessentially British item would be good to put on top? Custard Creams I realised – so here is how I made it:

200g white chocolate, broken into pieces
500ml of rice krispies (pour up to that level in a measuring jug)
A large bag of Red White and Blue M&M’s
8 Custard Creams, each chopped into 8 pieces
Some Red White and Blue Sprinkles

I melted the chocolate in a bowl, placed over a saucepan of simmering water. I then added the rice krispies and mixed thoroughly. Taking a large cookie sheet/baking tray lined with greaseproof paper, I poured the melted chocolate/rice krispie mix onto the sheet and with a rubber spatula spread this out as thin as I could, without seeing pieces of the greaseproof paper peeking through. This is where you get to be a bit creative by adding your toppings in any way you like. I first took the M&M’s placing them randomly on top of the choc/rice mix. I then took the custard creams and randomly dotted them around the mix. Lastly I poured over some red, white and blue sprinkles I had. Then taking another sheet of greaseproof paper, I placed this on top and gently pushed all the toppings into the choc/rice mix, sort of smoothing over with my hands. I removed the top sheet of paper and popped the tray into the fridge until the white chocolate was re-set, at least 1 hour. When set, I took it out of the fridge and carefully peeled the slab of chocolate from the greaseproof paper. Then using my hands, broke the slab into random chunks – et voila - Great British Bark!

If you try this at home, let me know how it turns out!


  1. Waw, this went down a treat with the kids, have to admit I had stole some before they got to it. Look forward to some more flavours soon.

    1. Will have to come up with an Olympic bark!!! Ideas welcome

  2. Thanks so much for this post - I had heard of this, but never known what it was!! I would personally prefer milk and caramel or milk and butterscotch or similar... Yummy!

  3. The possibilities are endless! Great fun to think of new variations :)

  4. OK, I confress, i was seriously wondering if this was going to be a recipe for eaing tree parts. What an odd name. But what a scrummy idea.


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