Sunday 1 November 2015

Cheese Posties and a Club Sandwich Round up

Recently I was contacted by a company called Cheese Posties to see if I would like to sample a Cheese Postie. What is that you might ask – read on…

Cheese Posties are a subscription service where you have a cheese toastie mailed to you each week. Might sound weird, but it is great fun! It’s not just cheese on toast, on no.

The geniuses behind Cheese Posties have come up with an entire menu of varieties, for the savoury and sweet toothed amongst us all!

Depending on your tastes, they send you bread, the fillings and a toaster bag to make your toastie in. You can select gluten-free bread, nut-free fillings, meat-free fillings sweet or savoury and they send a box, which fits through your letter box, filled with everything you need.

I opted for the sweet (of course) and received a strawberry shortcake toastie ‘kit’. This contained mascarpone cheese, cookie butter, strawberry jam, the bread (from Rod Stewart’s favourite bakery apparently!) and butter to coat the outside of the bread. Oh, and the toastie bag too.

I assembled the ingredients together and popped my creation in the baggy and then in the toaster. In no time at all, I had a crazy toastie concoction ready to eat. It was gooey and sweet, very messy, but very enjoyable.

Other ‘recipes’ which can be sent to you include Jaffa Cake, Blueberry Smoothie, Italian Ravioli, Hawaiian, Pepperoni Pizza, Apple Pie and lots more, so check out the website for the full menu!

Now, what does Cheese Posties cost? You can choose to pay week by week at £3.99 per week. Or you may decide to go for a 4 week prepay method at £15.60 for the 4 weeks. Lastly, an 8 week prepay at £30.00. The choice is yours.

It’s great fun to see what concoction you receive each week. You can even send Cheese Posties as a gift so check the website for full details.

This brings me round to our first Club Sandwich round-up. Club Sandwich is mine and Kevin from The Crafty Larder's new blogging challenge – anything sandwich wise is gratefully received! This can be sarnies, toasties, paninis, bagels you name it.

Camilla at Fab Food 4 All entered two creations one, a review for a Tefal Optigrill on which she made a Toasted Cheese and Onion Bagel.

 This was inspired by Kevin, my co-host who created a spicy cheese and chorizo bagelini – a hybrid bagel and panini – genius!!

Camilla also entered a quick poached egg and garlic spinach bagel – a great combination of flavours there!

Emily at Cooking for Kishore entered her Shrimp Po’Boy Sandwich made with cornmeal crusted prawns – I would love this!

My entry for Club Sandwich was my favourite sandwich ever – ready salted crisps, brown sauce and parmesan cheese – odd I know but I love it.

Thanks to our contributors for Club Sandwich #1!

Keep an eye out for Kevin’s first bash at Club Sandwich in November!

Disclosure Statement: I received the Cheese Postie free to review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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