Saturday, 12 April 2014

On my Sainsbury's Easter Table

Sainsbury's Easter Selection

Sainsbury's recently asked if I would like a selection of goodies to try for Easter. Of course I said yes, and I was given a choice of a kid’s box, an adult’s box or a combo.

I plumped for the grown-ups version and was very excited when a huge box turned up at the door. Now, I have to try these things before Easter gets here, just so I know what I am writing about. And to be honest one of the items didn’t even make it to the table, as the sell-by-date was quite soon, so Disneyboi and I had to scoff these Taste the Difference mini Belgian chocolate hot cross buns. 

They were moist and delicious, not like regular hot cross buns, in that there was no dried fruit, just delicious chocolate throughout. As you can tell by the picture, these were eaten in a hurry!!

Next on to the bounty atop the table and first up was the traditional all butter simnel cake. Now, I’m not a huge fan of simnel cake, but my taste testers told me this was delicious and buttery as the name would suggest. It’s got loads of fruit inside, made with ground almonds and has marzipan balls on top representing the eleven apostles (apparently).  As you can probably see from the picture above, my balls became detached during transit, but then mines was sent via the mail, so if you are buying or having delivered, the cake will be more delicately handled!

The cute little egglets above are wee Belgian chocolate (3 white and 3 milk) truffles filled with an almond and hazelnut praline filling. Very rich, so one at a time is plenty, but very worth it!

The big egg you can see is a Taste the Difference Belgian White Chocolate Egg. It’s a hollow egg decorated with dark chocolate. I reviewed some Taste the Difference white chocolate back at Christmas time, so I knew this were going to be creamy and delicious and  I wasn’t wrong!

To wash this all of this down, I had lashings of tea (I’m a bit a tea junkie) and the English Breakfast Fairtrade Fine Loose Leaf Tea I was sent was very refreshing. No complaints there, I tend to make tea from bags, so having loose leaf is always a bit special.

The adult portion of the Easter box was the mini bottle of Rioja. I love my red wine and I have yet to try this to be honest. But I am reliably informed that this rioja has spicy bramble flavours going on and a subtle vanilla taste. Can’t wait to sample this soon!

And in the box also, was the bunting and paper plates you can see. The bunting will come in handy when I go to my cousin's for our Easter family get together. The paper plates are very cute and there is a whole range to match these ‘Sunshine Happy Days’. I’m going to keep these for summer BBQ’s, and get some matching napkins etc.

Overall, a lovely Easter selection from Sainsbury’s and I hope I have inspired some of you in your purchases!

Disclosure Statement: I received the items in the box free to try and was not expected to write a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Some lovely treats! I'm especially liking the look of the praline eggs :)


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