Monday, 21 April 2014

Squidgy Chocolate Cake for Cake Club

Delia's Squidgy Chocolate Cake

A couple of Sunday’s ago it was Clandestine Cake Club time again.

I can’t believe that the cake club has been going for a couple of years now. And that I am now one of it’s organisers!

But this wasn’t my turn at organising (that’s next month). This time the honours went to my good friend Jac (blogging goddess – check out Tinned Tomatoes).

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The secret location was revealed at last minute, and it was the Apex Hotel in Dundee. And the theme set by Jac was ‘Bake like Delia’.

Any cakes from the archives of the legend Delia Smith were allowed.

I turned up at the venue (we were in the Venice function room) and most of the cakes were already out on display.

As I’m sure you’ve assumed from the picture, I made Delia’s delicious Squidgy Chocolate Cake. This is a light chocolate cake, layered with a layer of chocolate ganache, whipped cream and chopped chocolate. If you’d like the recipe check out Delia’s website. The pic below gives you an inside glimpse of the cake

The other cakes were all very different and equally delicious. They included:

A lime and coconut cake – I love those two flavours together – very tropical!

There was a classic chocolate fudge – so much better than those pre-made ones.

A coffee and walnut cake, with a very delicate taste of coffee. The coffee wasn’t weak, just really mellow and not bitter at all, which some coffee cakes can be.

The lemon cake made with fresh homemade lemon curd was light airy and tangy!

We also had doublers at the cake club. Jac and group member Ellen both made Delia’s Sticky Toffee cake, with toffee buttercream. Both cakes were actually quite different, but both delicious.

There was an apricot and hazelnut meringue cake, which was my personal favourite of the night. I never thought those two flavours would marry well together, but they really did!

The Apex was a lovely place to have the cake club, having our own little room for the event.

The hotel, apart from having 151 luxury rooms, boasts a bar and brasserie, perfect for a meal and some drinks.

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There is also a spa where you can unwind, exercise or take a dip in the pool.

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Plus, of course, the meetings and venues rooms.

Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa
1 West Victoria Dock Road
Dundee DD1 3JP

T +44 (0)1382 202 404
F +44 (0)1382 201 401

To make a reservation:
T 0845 365 0000 (UK)
T +44 (0)131 441 0440 (Outside UK)

Now, my turn to find the next venue. I'd better get my finger out!


  1. Your chocolate cake looks so deliciously light and squidgy! Drool!

    1. Cheers Vohn, I didn't get terribly much of it, but I loved what I did taste!

  2. That looks like an awesome location!! We tend to go to the same place, but maybe I can help my organizer out by researching some locations. :0) The cakes look amazing too!! I like the idea of a squidgy cake.

    1. We are running out of ideas re:venues Lisa - can be a bit tricky at times. Thanks re:the cake.

    2. We struggle to find places where they won't charge us for the space...

      You could re-visit old favorite locations!

  3. Everything looks so delicious! I need to start a cake club, haha!


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