Monday 7 April 2014

Bunny Lollichops

These Bunny Lollichops are such a simple idea but I can’t take full credit.

I actually saw something similar on sale in ASDA. A lolly which doubles as a bunnys nose and mouth. And I thought how easy would these be to make right in your own kitchen – in time for Easter?

To make these I just used some white chocolate, white marshmallows, a pink sweet and a couple of slivered almonds as rabbit teeth.

I passed them around my colleagues and they gave them to their kids to try out as you can see.

You could draw on some whiskers too with some food colouring if so inclined. I think these would be great little favours for a kids Easter party. This isn’t so much a recipe below, but a list of things you will need – amounts will vary on size of marshmallows etc.

100 grams white chocolate
White marshmallows
Pink sweets such as foam mushrooms or pink smarties
Slivered almonds
Lolly sticks
Greaseproof paper
Baking sheet

Lay a sheet of greaseproof paper on a baking tray and trace around two marshmallows, side by side. Repeat this over the greaseproof paper then flip it over so the pencil marks are on the reverse.

Slice white marshmallows into discs about 1 to 2 cm thick. Set aside.

Melt the white chocolate either in a bowl over a pan of simmering water or in the microwave.

Carefully fill in the circle templates on the paper with the white chocolate. Press to of the mallow discs into the white chocolate.

Add a dollop of white chocolate inbetween the two mallows where you want the nose to be them press the pink sweet in.

On the opposite side of the nose, place two slivered almonds in the white chocolate for the teeth.

When you have filled the baking sheet place into the fridge to set for about 30 mins.

Remove from the fridge and peel away from the paper. Flip over and adhere the lolly stick on the back to each one with more white chocolate.

Chill in the fridge again and when the sticks are stuck the lollichops are ready! Enjoy…(and a big big thanks to Emily, Adam and Claire for modelling).

I'm entering these Bunny Lollichops into this month's Biscuit Barrel, not technically a biscuit I know, but theme this month, set by Laura at I'd Much Rather Bake Than..of course, is Fun! And how apt are these?


  1. Sooooooo cute, my niece and nephew would LOVE these ;-) ok, and me... Thanks!

  2. Awww, how cute are these?! I can see adults having just as much fun with these as the kids =)

  3. So fun! Love these Stuart, I might be making a batch of these!!


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