Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Degustabox {Review}

I was recently asked if I would like to try out Degustabox. What is that you may be asking? Well, I was initially put off by the name, but read on.

Degustabox are a European company and have recently launched in the UK. You subscribe and pay £12.99 monthly (this includes p&p) and receive a box filled with surprise goodies, every month.

The box always includes 17 products, which Degustabox say are either new to the market, or an innovative product – all from well-known names.

You subscribe to the service, but can cancel at any time. It’s £9.99 (plus the p&p), and the value of the products in the box is more than the price you pay. Good value it seems.

I received my box at the weekend (by chance I was coming back from the gym and the delivery guy had just got to my door) and here is what I found;

Drink Me Chai - Spiced Chai Latte, Green & Blacks Spiced Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar, Levi Roots Jerk Chicken Paste and Smoky Jerk Sauce, Yu! Healthy Snacks Granola & Mango Clusters and Granola & Strawberry Clusters, Belvita Breakfast Duo Crunch Apricot & Live Yoghurt bar and Cocoa with Choc Chips Biscuits bars, a can of Bavaria 0.0% Original, a can of Bavaria Radler, a can of Bavaria Shandy, 4 packs of Bisto’s Chef’s Specials – Lamb Gravy with a twist of mint, Beef with cracked black pepper, Caramelised Onion Gravy, Chicken Gravy with sage and onion, Bisto chicken stock melts and OXO Shake and Flavour Garlic and Herb.

Initially I jumped at the chance of trying the box as I like sampling new products. Probably one reason why I prefer not to have my shopping delivered but like to have a mooch about the supermarket. I have to say personally, I would not use some of these items in the box. But then, this box was not targeted to my 'likes'.

The good news is you can complete a taste profile when you sign up. This means that the items you receive are geared towards the items you are more likely to enjoy.

Still, it is a bit of a gamble what you are going to receive and perhaps, even though it is good value for money, you may wish to spend your dosh on items you would actually use.

But, if you are willing to take the gamble, like being surprised and can spare £12.99 a month for random goodies then Degustabox is for you. And if you are struggling to think what to give someone for Christmas, Degustabox can also be given as a gift. Details at the website.

Thanks to the people at Degustabox for letting me sample.

Pop over to their website now and take a look.

Disclosure Statement: I received the Degustabox free to try and was not committed to writing a favourable review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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