Saturday, 14 December 2013

Chocolate Heaven with Sainsbury's

Are you looking for last minute stocking filler ideas?

When Sainsbury's asked if I would like to sample some of their Taste The Difference chocolates, having such a sweet tooth, of course I said yes.

I was surprised to receive 9 big bars in the mail, but I didn’t complain and neither did my tasting panel i.e. my work colleagues (as you can tell from the empty packs above).

Here’s what we thought of each of the bars;

Swiss Dark Chocolate (72% cocoa solids) – for true dark chocolate fans. Smooth but rich due to the high cocoa content. Perfect for using in recipes.

Belgian Milk Chocolate with Caramelised Biscuit – a delicious creamy chocolate with added crunch – it has those Speculoos biscuits that I love through it. A hit with the tasters.

Belgian White Chocolate – Delicious, very creamy and reminded me of Milkybar (this didn’t make it to the office!)

Belgian Dark Chocolate (72% cocoa solids) with candied orange – Another darkly bitter chocolate but with sweet pops of chewy candied orange. This was well liked in the office with its contrast of sweet and bitter.

Swiss Milk Chocolate with a hint of hazelnut – A very subtle hint of hazelnut going on, but smooth and creamy mostly. This was another favourite in the office.

Swiss White Chocolate – Another nice white chocolate. I didn’t find it as creamy as the Belgian white and think adults would prefer the taste of this one.

Swiss Milk Chocolate with Praline Filling – This was amazing and we all agreed it was like eating Nutella flavoured chocolate. Amazing!

Swiss Milk Chocolate with Marc De Champagne Filling – This was not for me. I’m not a fan of booze in my chocolates and this tasted very boozy to me. But on the flipside my colleague Wendy loved this and scoffed most of this bar herself (could’ve sworn she was tipsy!!)

Swiss Milk Chocolate with Dark Caramel Filling – Another big hit, the gooey caramel filling was very dark and almost had a burnt taste to it, which we all loved.  Gone in a flash.

So that was our little sampling session of chocolate bars from Sainsbury's. The bars all retail at around £1.40, so perfect as a little add-on gift for any chocolate lover!

Disclosure Statement: I received the chocolate free to sample. I was not committed to writing a favourable review. Any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Would you like to taste some free chocolate? Not exactly the hardest question in the world to answer! Lucky you - what a lovely selection


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