Thursday, 3 October 2013

Brendan Bake Off's Tarte Tatin

I recently received an email asking a very simple question. Do I like Tarte Tatin? I cast my mind back several years and remembered enjoying a slice of one once in a French Bistro with Disneyboi. I replied in the affirmative.

The response then came back, asking if I would like to make one for a company – Titan Travel who have a monthly supper club feature on their travel website. The recipe, which was recently featured on Titan Travel, comes courtesy of Brendan from last years Great British Bake Off. I again replied in the affirmative and set about making this classic French dessert.

Brendan’s recipe uses a rough puff pastry, and having recently made regular puff pastry, I was interested to see what the difference was. It wasn’t too different and really was just a case of rubbing cubes of butter into flour, rather than making a parcel of dough to encase the butter.

Anyhoo, I used 14 apples as instructed, grated the ginger (which seemed like a heck of a lot) and dusted off my old glass quiche dish. I didn’t have a recommended tarte tin and thought this might work just as well.

I made my caramel in a pot which I poured into the dish, rather than making it straight in the suggested tin. I layered the cored and peeled apples and sprinkled on my powerful gingery sugar mix and almost popped it into the oven. But then I noticed there was no temperature! Brendan just says a hot oven – what was this?  A GBBO Technical Challenge?? Well I thought 250oC would be a tad too hot, so I plumped for the universal temperature of 180oC. I baked the apples for 25 minutes, then added the pastry circle and baked for a further 30 minutes. I also placed a cookie sheet under the dish, I should say, as I knew this would get messy.

The baked tarte was placed on a wire rack for the allotted 15 minutes, and then inverted onto a serving plate. The edges seemed to stick a bit and broke off from the tarte. I put this down to using a glass dish, but it looked okay and kind of rustic.

I had a wee slither almost right away, as it smelled too good not too. Despite being very hot, it was also very delicious and the amount of ginger used certainly gave it a fiery kick. If you are not a huge fan of ginger I would highly recommend using less – 100 grams was a lot.

So, I have now made rough puff and Tarte Tatin. At this rate, I might start considering myself a half-decent baker!

If you’d like the full recipe, pop over to Titan TravelsSupper Club. And thank you to them for asking me to take part. Jouir de!

Disclosure Statement – I was not paid to write the post. I received payment to purchase the required ingredients. Any views expressed are my own. 


  1. Oh how I love tarte tatin and yours looks very inviting indeed. I've certainly never used more than a hint of ginger before, but I'd definitely try it with more. A slice of tarte tatin with some clotted cream would be just about my ideal dessert.

    1. Clotted cream would be perfect Phil! Would calm down the ginger hehe!

  2. Looks perfect Stuart! I'm always impressed by a perfect tarte tatin as I found it so difficult to make.

    1. Thanks Kat - not sure about it being perfect tho!!

  3. Do you know I'm not sure I have ever tried (to taste or bake) Tarte Tatin before? It looks and sounds amazing might have to check out that recipe and give it a go!

    1. It's kinda like an inverted apple pie with caramel Lisa! You will like, trust me!


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