Thursday, 17 October 2013

Candy Corn Striped Mallows

halloween marshmallows

If you’ve seen my homemade marshmallow recipe on Cakeyboi before, then this little Halloween treat will be a doddle for you!

Marshmallows, as you probably know, are easy peasy to make, so long as you have a stand mixer on hand. And one of the usual ingredients – corn syrup – isn’t that easy to get hold of in the UK. But fear not, golden syrup works fine as a substitute. 

And this year, for some reason, I have become a bit candy corn obsessed! I seem to notice pictures of it in every Halloween decoration I pick up. But alas, it’s not on our shelves yet (well, apart from those American sweet stores, or online).

So, I thought these mallows would pay good homage to the little yellow, orange and white striped corn shaped nuggets of sweetness. They are really simple to do.

Grab my recipe for Golden Syrup Marshmallows (using corn syrup instead, if you have it). Before pouring the mallow ‘batter’ into your prepared pan, divide the mix (evenly as you can) into three separate bowls.

Using orange food colouring paste (mines was Sugarflair tangerine/apricot) mix enough in to get a vibrant orange. Mix another with yellow paste (mines was egg yellow made by Sugarflair) until you get a good yolk like yellow. Leave the last third white.

First spread the yellow in the bottom of the prepared pan and smooth out. Carefully spread the orange mix on top of this and finally the white. Try to keep each layer unswirled from the layer above or below as much as you can, to get definite layers of colour.

Proceed as normal by sprinkling liberally with your icing sugar/cornflour mix, then leave to set, before cutting into squares.

Once set, I took lolly sticks and skewered three mallows on each, then tied a ribbon round each stick. You could then pop these into cellophane bags, if you were to be handing them out for little trick or treaters.

I think these would make a nice little gift at Halloween for big and little ones alike!


  1. These look great Stuart! I'm loving all your recent Halloween baking, it's all so creative and fun.

  2. wow these look amazing- the colours are so lovely and striking. i bet it tasted great too x


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