Saturday 31 August 2013

Cartoon Saturday, Capt. Cakeman on Evap and Condensed, plus GBBO Week 2

Firstly a cartoon which I've shown before, but is kinda apt for those of you in the UK, this weekend...

Captain Cakeman is here...

Hi Katie,
Evaporated milk and condensed milk are very different products. Let’s start with Evaporated.
Evaporated milk is ordinary milk which has had around 60% of it’s water content removed. It is then canned and the cans are heated to prevent bacteria growing, giving it a long-shelf life. This heating process gives the sweet taste evaporated milk has. I have read that if you add enough water to evaporated, you end up with regular milk again! Not sure if that is true, as the sweet flavour might make it taste a tad different.

Now, condensed milk is milk which has sugar added to it, and had some of it’s water content removed. Due to the amount of sugar added (about 45%) it is a much thicker product, used in many recipes. Condensed milk without the added sugar used to be quite common but is now nearly unheard of. Like evaporated milk, canned sweetened condensed milk has a very long shelf life.

The two are not interchangeable in recipes! I hope this answers your questions Katie.

And lastly GBBO week 2, thought of the week - Poor Lucy, I'm not saying I could do any better, but I thought the bread was supposed to be a showstopper - not a doorstopper!!

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  1. They'd definitely be coming to London - they're probably already more talented than Jedward!


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