Thursday, 1 November 2012

Easy Chilli Mocha Latte

‘The nights are fair drawing in’  - an expression which isn’t probably heard too many places except for Scotland. But it is safe to say, the dark nights are here and it is feeling nippier out there.

And I wanted something very easy to prepare to warm me old cockles. I looked through the cupboards and in the fridge and came up with this easy peasy idea for a spicy cocoa type drink. Chilli and chocolate are all the rage of course!

All you need for two mugs of Chilli Mocha Latte is;

One sachet of instant coffee (I used Millicano)
One sachet of instant hot chocolate (I had Options Belgian Choc)
One red chilli pepper
Two mugs worth of milk (any type, I used soya)
½ teaspoon cinnamon

Pour the milk into a saucepan. Split the chilli in half, length wise, and add to the milk. Stir in the cinnamon, coffee and hot chocolate. Put the pan over medium heat and simmer for about 10 minutes, without letting the milk boil.

After the time is up, using a strainer, pour the milk into each mug. In those 10 minutes, the spiciness of the chilli has infused into the milk. The cinnamon, adds another element of spice, and the mix of coffee and cocoa is delicious. Of course, if you are about to hit the hay, I would just use two sachets of chocolate and omit the caffeine. Or if you do want the coffee hit, remember and use a fairly bold coffee, so the taste isn’t lost with all the other layers of flavour happening.

There we have a very simple and cosy drink, for those impending wintery nights. Snuggle up and enjoy!


  1. This sounds yummy! Chili and chocolate are a great combination.

  2. That looks like the perfect way to jazz up instant hot chocolate! Delicious!

  3. That's definitely a warming drink on a dark night. I like that touch of chilli. I suppose you need to be a little careful with your choice of chilli - some might be a little hot for snuggling up purposes.

    1. Indeed, a scotch bonnet might just be too much on the scoville scale!!

  4. I love that your mug has it's own pullover - could it get any cosier and lovely!

  5. Interesting but looks good. Thanks for sharing.


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