Monday, 12 November 2012

Salted Caramel Cookie Bites – with Mo’s Cookie Dough

caramel shortbread

Remember I used the brilliantly time saving cookie dough from Mo’s Cookie Dough recently?

Well, I had another roll in the fridge and wanted to do more with it, other than make another batch of cookies (not that there would have been anything wrong with that!).

I had just finished a Twix bar and thought this might be good inspiration. And with salted caramel being all the rage, I decided to try and concoct my own salty Twix bars.

I took the cookie dough from the fridge and allowed it to come to room temperature before I placed it in a lined and greased loaf pan. (I measured the pan, but the top was 9”x 5” and the bottom was 7.5” x 3.5” – take your pick…). I pressed the cookie dough into the pan, into an even layer and popped it into an oven pre-heated to 180oC.

I removed it when it looked lightly brown around the edges, and golden in the middle. I let this cool completely, before setting about making the caramel to put atop said cookies.

Now, I am useless at making things like fudge, tablet, anything that requires boiling sugar to a certain temperature. In fact I have a sneaking suspicion that my sugar thermometer may be telling me fibs. But I found a recipe for salted caramel and decided to persevere anyway. The recipe was from Inspired Taste and looked easy enough.

And to my amazement the caramel looked as though it had actually worked. I put a little on a cold plate to let it set and it held together and was nice ‘n’ chewy. Hurrah at last, I had made caramels. I might give my sugar gauge a reprieve for now.

Anyway, I placed the baked cookie, still on it’s greaseproof paper, back into the loaf pan and poured the caramel on top. I sprinkled some more salt on top and allowed this to set for a few hours.

When it looked good and set, I removed it from the pan and set about chopping it up into fingers, a-la-twix. But I soon realised that they would be like Twix fingers for Hagrid and had to scale down my expectations. I chopped the fingers in half. Still too big! So, I ended up with a quarter of a finger and my salted caramel cookie fingers, became bites. 

I melted some plain chocolate and poured this over the top of each bite, letting it drip down, exposing some of the cookie and caramel. I finished with another small sprinkle of rock salt. Once the chocolate had set, I placed in a box and took them to my work, where my colleagues ate them very quickly. The cookie base was just as delicious as before and made an ideal ledge for the deliciously rich, chewy and creamy salted caramel. The crack of chocolate when biting in just finished them.

So, Mo, your cookie dough is ideal for even more than delicious round cookies and I am thinking up even more ways to use the it.



  1. WOW, Love it :D


  2. Hi Cakeyboi,

    This is such a clever way to make these quick and delicious cookie bites and you just gave me an idea for my baking... The next time that I am baking some cookies, I will make extra dough and freeze it. The frozen dough will be handy if I need to make cookie bites like yours.

    This is my first time visiting your website. Very lovely baking ideas and hope to be back more. I'm now your latest follower :D


    1. Thank you so much for following Zoe - I really hope you stick around and enjoy Cakeyboi!!

  3. Mmmm, these sound so delicious!! And what a fun post, great pics too.

  4. Brilliant! These look so yummy. I am not into the salt with chocolate thing though so I would leave that ingredient out if I make these :)

    1. Yep, entirely optional Kat! They would be scrummy either way :)

  5. I've never made caramel before but these look sooooooo good I really think I'm going to have a go. Thanks for the recipe :) x


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