Thursday 10 November 2016

The Wedding Cake

As I’m sure you know by now, Disneyboi and I got married in Toronto last month.
It was a glorious day, the best weather we had during our entire ‘vacation’. And we went off to the Niagara region for our ‘mannymoon’.

Then when we returned we had a party for friends and family which was a great (drunken) night with lots of cheesy pop tunes, stovies (it’s a Scottish thing) and wedding cake.

I have shared the wedding cake on my social media so you may have seen it over the past wee while. Renshaw kindly provided me with the icing for the cake and I was initially going to make the cake myself, but everyone advised me against it.

And I’m glad I didn’t. I had designed a big elaborate affair, full of elements Disneyboi and I love and Nicoll’s Bakery in Dundee made the idea in my head into a reality.

It was a three tier cake and the bottom was a fruitcake, moist and full of nuts and fruits. The middle tier was chocolate cake stuffed with gorgeous buttercream, very mousse like in texture. The top tier was a vanilla sponge.

Have a look at the video below and see if you can guess all the elements…

The top is one of those Mickey Mouse hats, as Disneyboi used to work in the Disney Store. Next to that is R2-D2 from Star Wars as we both love the movies (and they are owned by Disney too now).

The middle tier had Kermit the Frog’s collar (another Disney owned character now), The Sound of Music as we love the movie and visited Salzburg last year, ABBA as Disneyboi and I are HUGE fans and Scooby Doo as we love dogs and I love Hanna Barbera cartoons especially.

The bottom tier had a couple which most folk seemed to stuggle with. Most obvious probably was Fred Flintsone’s outfit, my favourite cartoon, Dorothy’s dress from the Wizard of Oz and the feet of the wicked witch wearing the ruby slippers popping out from underneath (another of our favourite films, and a nod to my favourite musical Wicked). The other two elements? Charlie Brown’s jumper (as we love Snoopy) and finally Kylie Minogue’s logo as Disneyboi is a big, big Kylie fan.

Also on the cake was a Canadian flag, for obvious reasons, and a cup of Starbucks as we are always in there! (we even had favours at the party in mini coffee cups and tea and coffee served in Starbucks takeaway cups, thanks to the manager of the Dundee store).

So, there you have a walk through our cake. Perfect for big kids like Disneyboi and I. I hope you like it too.


  1. It's such an awesome cake Stuart! I love all the thought and personal elements of it, and the icing is brilliantly bright and colourful!

  2. Now that's a wedding cake with a split personality

  3. That has to be one of the most unusual wedding cakes..... so cool! And from what I have read on the blog..... was absolutely how I would have expected it to be! Fab. Congratulations again x


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