Thursday 4 August 2016

Awesome Fictional Foods and Beverages You Can Now Try in Real Life

The most attractive thing about going on holiday for many people is the ability to try new foods and gastronomies – so what if you could step inside your TV set or cinema screen and gorge yourself on all of the impossible goodies that have been dreamt up by the imaginations of writers? Well, the good news is that now you can!

Certain invented foodstuffs from the worlds of literature, TV and cinema have apparently been so mouth-watering that some industrious and inventive chef has translated them into real life commodities. Here are eight of the most delicious foods and beverages from the realm of fiction which have strayed into real life, ready for your sampling pleasure.

Big Kahuna Burger

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Forget the Royale with Cheese or the Big Mac, the real star of the show in Pulp Fiction is the Big Kahuna Burger. So popular that it’s become the feature of posters and t-shirts sold all over the world, this calorific snack has now been given the reality treatment and can be made by following a simple recipe in your own home. Mhmm… this is a tasty burger!

Krabby Patty Burger

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Despite the misleading name, any keen watcher of SpongeBob SquarePants will be quick to point out that Krabby Patties don’t actually contain crab – instead, they’re made from chum, which is basically random flotsam and jetsam found around your kitchen cupboards. That gives you free license to create your own rendition from pretty much anything, but if you’d rather go with a tried and tested rendition, here's one we found earlier.


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“Beer! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” Never a truer word was said by Homer J. Simpson, and in July of last year, 21st Century Fox finally announced they were releasing Duff beer to the non-yellow-skinned and non-four-fingered populace of planet Earth. With initial releases in Chile, the popular beverage is scheduled to hit shelves in Europe in 2016.


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The reason Matt Groening resisted the release of Duff so long was because he didn't want to encourage drinking in children. Luckily, Harry Potter has come to the rescue with the introduction of the delicious-sounding Butterbeer. Though many copycat and DIY recipes for this elixir exist on the internet, if you want to try the real thing you’ll just have to take the Warner Brothers Studio Tour and visit Diagon Alley, Hogwarts and the rest yourself. You won’t regret it!


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From one sublime-sounding beverage to a ridiculous one, Slurm was Fry’s drink of choice in the hugely-underrated show Futurama. The beverage was available to consumers as a marketed brand at the height of the show’s popularity but has since been discontinued (at least in the UK). Not to worry though - you can now make your own with just a few key ingredients.

Soylent Green

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Another foodstuff with a dubious sounding name, any fans who have seen the movie will know that the actual ingredients of Soylent Green were far more macabre than imagined. Fortunately, the real life version is not comprised of anything nearly so squeamish (we hope! Probably best to check the nutritional information before indulging, though).

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  1. Solvent, and all those 'meal replacement' things which are apparently our future scare me! I do however love the idea of film-related food and drink - especially ButterBeer and Duff Beer!

  2. I never thought about foods from film and TV coming into the real world, but it really is interesting to see how they influence what we eat!


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