Thursday 7 April 2016

Pesto, Sriracha and Mozzarella Palmiers

Pesto Sriracha and Mozzarella Palmiers

This is an unashamedly fast and easy recipe. It’s barely a recipe really!

This was made in a mad dash one Saturday afternoon when family were coming around at night for a bit of a gathering.

We had been to the supermarket and stocked up on staples, such as hummus, crisps, nuts etc. But being me, I wanted to bake something. Palmiers I thought, ideal pastry nibbles with any filling you can think of.

I picked up a few ingredients on the way round which I knew would make this excellent, tasty and simple piece of party food.

I grabbed a sheet of ready rolled puff pastry, a jar of pesto and some grated mozzarella. I knew at home we had sriracha sauce lurking in the cupboard which would go perfectly.

If you haven’t heard of sriracha where have you been? It’s a very very spicy chilli and garlic sauce. Growing in popularity here in the UK, it is one of the biggest condiments in America. It hails from Thailand originally I believe and is recognisable in its red bottles, with a green plastic top.

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I get mine in the Chinese supermarket, I add it to chopped tomatoes when having them on toast as a snack. It’s also great over chips instead of ketchup. Anyhoo…

We got home and I unfurled the pastry and slathered on pesto, squeezed sriracha on top and then sprinkled on grated mozzarella.

I folded the pastry sheet over, one short end into the middle and repeated on the on the opposite side, so the two ends meet in the middle. (You could fold up more if you wanted, for a more intricate swirl).

I then folded the two folded halves together so it was a big long sausage shape which I cut into one inch rounds. I placed the cut pieces on a baking sheet lined with greaseproof paper, with the ingredients facing up.

I let them chill in the fridge for half an hour whilst I pre-heated the oven to 200C (180C fan).

I placed them in the oven for about 15 minutes, until they became puffed and golden.

Pesto Sriracha and Mozzarella Palmiers

I removed them from the oven, leaving them to cool, before removing with a fish slice.

These really went down a storm at the family gathering, and they will do at your next shindig too if you give them a try!

Pesto Sriracha and Mozzarella Palmiers

(I’ve described how to make them above, so I won’t give you a proper recipe below. Measurements of the ingredients are not exact, suffice to say one sheet of pastry yielded about 15 palmiers. The pesto was slathered on, not too thick that it would ooze and the same for the cheese. Sriracha is to taste, but remember this is one HOT sauce)….



  1. I've never tried this sauce before! These look so lovely I'll need to pop along to the Chinese supermarket tout de suite!

  2. I love sriracha too (although I've no idea how to pronounce it). It sounds fantastic in these

    1. hehe, I think it's see-ra-cha (that's how I say it anyway!)

  3. These are the sort of pre-dinner nibbles I can't resist and eat so many that I don't then want dinner!

    I got sriracha in M&S - thankfully, it seems to be widely available now

    1. Oooh, Marks? The Tesco one was pretty rank, I like to go for the authentic stuff!


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