Sunday, 2 August 2015

Getting to Grips with OXO POP Containers

If you are a regular follower of mine you will know that my domestic arrangements have changed recently.

Disneyboi has moved into mine, after his place sold and we are waiting to get mine shifted. (If anyone is looking for a spacious 2-bed flat on the north-east coast of Scotland close to all amenities please do get in touch!!). We have put most of Disneyboi’s stuff in storage for now apart from a few essentials.

However, we now have double the amount of food in our cupboards which is making my baking supplies difficult to store. With the amount of baking I do, you can image I have a lot of ingredients. I also have a very untidy cupboard which houses these baking items – please see image below…. (embarrassed face)! Full of half empty folded over bags all piled on top of one another.

When the kind folk at OXO Good Grips got in touch to ask if I would like to give their POP container range a try I leapt at the chance – a chance to get some of my essentials in some form of tidiness.

I received three containers  - a tall 3.2 litre capacity one, a big square 3.8 litre capacity one and a 0.9 small square container.

 The containers are all airtight – they have a button on top which you press down once to seal. The lid locks and keeps what is inside fresh. Press the button again, it unlocks and the button acts as a handle to easily lift off.

The corners of the containers are curved – perfect for pouring sugar which I transferred into the 3.2 tall container.

I put my flour in the big square container. I love the size of this one, for a lot of my recipes I use cup measurements and this container is large enough for me to plunge the cup measures right in. I have often struggled with smaller, narrower containers for this reason. Plus again, one press of the button and the flour stays fresh.

In the third container I stored some maple sugar I currently have (look out for a recipe soon) and this is perfect for putting in half-cup measures or easily pouring from the rounded corners. As it’s airtight the sugar won’t get too dry and clump up.

 The containers are stackable and I am going to start investing in more so my ‘pantry’ looks organised for once! There are 12 sizes in total to choose from so stacking options are aplenty.

The containers are made from BPA free plastic and the silicone gaskets on the lids are dishwasher safe, with the rest of the container suitable for washing by hand.

I love my new POP containers which are going to make my cupboards a lot less hectic from now on! And I may not stop at just the kitchen - the containers have plenty of uses around the home too.

Disclosure Statement: I received the containers free to review and was not committed to writing a positive post. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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