Saturday 4 April 2015

That's What I Call New #4

It’s been a while but I am back with ‘That’s What I Call New’ number 4.  A round-up of some goodies I have been sent over the past wee while to give a try. Being a blogger certainly has it’s benefits!

courtesy of Planet Organic
 First off we have Buffalo Worms! Yep, worms. A company called Grub have launched a range of edible insects – very Bushtucker trial! Available via Grub’s website or Planet Organic, you can choose from a selection of mealworms, crickets, grasshoppers and buffalo worms. I was sent the latter to try and I can tell you they aren’t half bad! Crunchy and quite savoury tasting the worms would certainly make a good talking point as nibbles at your next dinner party. Be brave!!

Packed with protein, I intend to experiment with them in my baking. You know my liking for the quirky, so stay tuned! Retails at £5.69 for a 50 gram bag of buffalo worms.

courtesy of Joseph Joseph
Next up Joseph Joseph sent me a few new products to try. Firstly their Slice and Sharpen Wooden Chopping Board with Integrated knife sharpnener. This chopping board is great – firstly I prefer wooden chopping boards – they are much kinder to knives and if treated correctly can last a long time. The knife sharpener which is located in the handle is perfectly placed – allowing you to give your knives a quick sharpen just before you start chopping. The boards come in small and large sizes. Available from the website, starting at £20.

Joseph Joseph also sent me three of their multi-peel tools (available from £8 for 4) to try out – all with different functions.

courtesy of Joseph Joseph
 First off was the yellow coloured serrated peeler with a built in zesting tool. The peeler is a good sharp peeler perfect for softer skinned fruits and veg. The attached zesting tool is great for getting wee curls of citrus peel for garnish!

courtesy of Joseph Joseph
 Second was the green coloured straight peeler with integrated scraping tool. This items is perfect for potatoes and the like and has a potato eye remover too. The scraping tool on the side I find is great for getting skin off ginger, which can be a fiddly job.

courtesy of Joseph Joseph
 Lastly we have the julienne peeler, ideal for carrots and firmer veg that you want to cut into julienne strips – it really saves time. The channel knife is good for cutting out strips of peel and skin for garnishing too.

Courtesy of Beets Blu
Next I was sent the Beets BLU Heart Monitor and Pager Tag to try. You might be wondering why I chose to try out a heart monitor. I do try and stay fit and run when I can – although I haven’t been able to as often I would like lately. The heart rate monitor allows you to check your performance whilst exercising. If you have a smartphone, then you download from a choice of apps and pair it with the monitor. Before your workout you clip it around your chest, and the app does all the work.

 For me, I have to say, I don’t take my phone out running with me, or to  the gym, so I found it frustrating having to have my phone with me. But if you take yours normally, this would be no hassle. You do need to wet the sensors on the monitor before attaching to get a better connection, so it does take a minute or two to put on.

On the plus side, you can see on the app your performance and how much work you are doing so, a great tool to keep you motivated and set new goals for yourself. This retails at Amazon for £29.95.

courtesy of Beets Blu
Beets BLU also sent me a pager tag. A very handy device, about the size of two postage stamps, which you can track remotely from your phone. You can use this to keep an eye on the whereabouts of keys, your wallet or purse (it is thin enough to slip in there) or even on your dog’s collar for example. If your tagged object falls outwith a radius of about 5 metres then an app on your phone alerts you. Very handy for the forgetful among us. This retails at Amazon for £18.95.

 Lastly the people at Simoney, who are the UK leaders in manufacturing and supplying personalised name badges, promotional badges and a whole raft of promotional products, asked if I would like a Cakeyboi name badge for myself, when attending conferences. I sent off my logo and I received in the mail the badge above. It will come in handy for the future I have no doubt! Made from metal it is digitally printed so the quality is very high. It should certainly last me a good while. Check the website for costs.

Thanks to everyone who sent me their products to try!

Disclosure Statement: I received all of the items above free to review and was not committed to writing a positive review for any of them. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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  1. Don't think I'm brave enough to try those worms! I'm very intrigued to see what you bake with them though!! Love the name badge :)


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