Thursday, 26 February 2015

Cake Club goes to the Oscars (almost!)

It had been a wee while since we last had a Clandestine Cake Club get-together. So our next meet was definitely overdue. It was held on the evening of Sunday 22 February, which just so happened to be the same night as the annual Academy Awards, AKA the Oscars.

 And as you might have guessed from the tile of this post, the theme was ‘The Oscars’. Which stumped a few, certainly Jac my co-host, who backed up the Oscars theme with ‘or just indulgent!’.

But most folk came up with great ideas for the event. We held it in Laing’s bar in Dundee, on Roseangle (which boasts the best beer garden in Dundee). I hadn’t been there for a good while, nor had a lot of the others attending the Cake Club and we were all pleasantly surprised.

courtesy of Laings
 It had been done up and the ambience was perfect for the Cake Club in the little conservatory bit behind the bar, where we were. Had it been daylight we would have had cracking views along the River Tay, but sadly it was February night time, so the sky was dark.

 But our mood wasn’t darkened after munching on all the cake on offer. We had a Rocky ‘Balboa’ Road Cake, a honey and camomile cake decorated with a gold Oscar painted on top of the frosting. I made a bag of over-spilling popcorn cake, and we had a chocolate and raspberry cake decorated like a clapperboard. One of the highlights was a marmalade cake, decorated like a fancy bustier, with two rather large mounds protruding!

 After we had an initial chow down on the cake, we then started our CCC quiz. That’s right, quiz. Jac decided that we should have a quiz to get folk mingling and thinking, whilst digesting!

We had 4 categories – Oscars, which Disneyboi helped with. I came up with a bread/pasty section and a dessert/cake section too. And Jac came up with a section on Dundee. 40 questions in total.

Folks teamed up and Jac kindly read out the questions ( my voice is way too quiet and doesn’t carry well!). I think we made the questions a bit too hard, but everyone seemed to have fun coming up with their answers.

And before long, the quiz was over (cook-books for the winning team) and the evening was over.

 I love the cake club and hope it runs for a long time. Its great to meet like minded bakers and try loads of new cakes.

A big thanks goes to our venue, Laings, who provided us with plates, forks and napkins. The event went with a swing and we are already thinking about the next one!


  1. Wow some really creative cakes, and great idea with the quiz!

  2. Brilliant cakes, what a fab theme.

  3. Lovely (almost) theme and lovely cakes! Looks like you have a really busy club!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun! That bustier cake is pretty impressive!

    1. Jane is one of our most talented bakers Kate!


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