Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Top Coffee-Break Snacks

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Do you, like me, find yourself at work counting down the hours until the next meal? Going without food may seem like the healthy option, but hunger can be very distracting, especially if you’re tired or stressed. Snacking really doesn’t need to be unhealthy and I’ve recently been coming up with a few healthier alternatives myself. But, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are some top healthy coffee-break snacks that will taste delicious as well as fill you up.

1. Edamame

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Edamame are the perfect savoury work snack. These immature green soybeans can be eaten fresh or cooked and aside from their healthbenefits taste delicious! Edamame are high in fibre, with 8 grams of cooked Edamame representing 23% of your RDA. Research has shown that high-fibre diets are great for reducing the risks of heart disease and stroke. If eating them on their own doesn’t seem appealing, why not add them to some tomatoes for a sweet and tasty salad!

2. Yoghurt

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Delicious, healthy, easy and quick to prepare – yoghurt just had to make the list for top coffee-break snacks. Keep a tub of 100% fat-free Greek yoghurt at work and customise it any way you like in seconds. The health benefits of the lactic bacteria in yoghurt are well documented, aiding the immune system, lowering body fat and helping strengthen your bones. Be sure not to pour away the liquid that form at the top of the yoghurt though – it’s full of great protein.

3. Coffee

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No coffee break would be complete without coffee  -DUH. Simply turn on yourTassimo coffee maker and read the paper whilst you wait. A fresh cup of java will provide you with the buzz needed to get through the day. The health benefits of coffee have often been called into question, but rest assured – a cup of black coffee is good for you! Coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and are said to keep your liver healthy, as well as help reduce the risk of developing type two diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

4. Smoothies

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Smoothies are a great way to help you eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. They have been getting quite a lot of negative press, due to manufacturers adding lots of sugars and preservatives to their products. That being said, if you make them yourself, they can be extremely healthy. Whether you’re after something sweet –apple, mango and raspberry, or something nutritious – spinach and banana – these snacks can be made in no time and they taste great.

5. Nuts

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There are many different nuts to choose from, all with their own health benefits. While they may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, nuts are great for staving off hunger and staying healthy. People often say that nuts are high in fats, and this is true. But nuts are high in unsaturated fats, meaning they are actually good for you. Unsaturated fats are essential in a healthy diet as they help lower cholesterol. A 80g serving of mixed nuts will often provide you with a healthy mix of protein, Vitamin E, Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium.

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  1. Oh I love edamame beans but can never find them in the shops. Any ideas?

  2. Wait rose stock them I am reliably informed - and I used to be able to get them in frozen bags in the freezer section of a few supermarkets. Failing that, you can get them online.

  3. I've never actually had edamame but they always sound so good for you, I feel I should give them a go!

    1. They are quite nutty in taste, and surprisingly filling Becca

  4. I love greek yogurt and coffe and always heard about enadame but still I dont find here.

  5. I love edamame, I also like the dried crunchy wasabi peas. And nuts and dried fruit.

  6. I almost always have nuts at my desk because I get into meeting after meeting days sometimes and don't get lunch til 3 or I'll have a mocha as that also keeps me going

  7. Some lovely suggestions here - I too have never tried edamame but I've heard many positive things about it.

  8. Sainsbury's do a lovely edamame salad with a fantastic coriander and chilli dressing. Highly recommended!

  9. I tend to do the nuts and smoothies but would really like to do the edamame snacks a bit more.

  10. As a veggie this list pleases me no end. I love edamame but haven't really snacked on it since leaving London. Will have to try to source some.


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