Thursday, 29 May 2014

Chocolate Lime Krispie Treats + Giveaway Winner

It dawned on me recently I hadn’t made krispie treats in a good while. At the start of Cakeyboi I made them quite a lot. They are easy to put together and I find you can change the flavours up quite a bit.

I’ve made Lemon Meringue Pie flavour, Black Forest, BirthdayCake and more.

And for inspiration this time I looked at the jars of sweets in my local paper shop, ready to be dispensed into quarters, in a wee white poke!

I used to love Chocolate Limes especially. Remember them? An unusual combination of flavour, which makes the two components taste completely different when eaten together.

I loved the hard sugary lime ‘boiling’ on the outside followed by the chocolate centre. How well would these work as krispie treats and how could I get that flavour into said delights?

Well, instead of plain old Rice Krispies, I reached instead for a box of Coco Pops, a cereal I used to shovel into me by the bowlful when I was a child. I believe too, they are called different names in different countries. In the US they are called Cocoa Krispies and Choco Krispies in large parts of Europe. Who knew? So, that was the chocolate part taken care of.

And for the lime, I used, well – a lime! I added fresh lime juice to the marshmallows and sprinkled lime zest over the simple icing I drizzled over the top.

Once they set up, they were a nice alternative to ordinary krispie treats and I may have to think of other chocolate combinations, but for now – here is how I made them!

Yield: 16 squares approx.

200 grams mini marshmallows
30 grams unsalted butter
125 grams Coco Pops
Juice of two limes
Zest of one lime
Icing Sugar (amount will vary)

Grease a pan approximately 8”x12” in size and set aside.

In a large saucepan, place the butter and marshmallows over low heat and stir until they are melted. 

Stir in the juice of one lime. Add the coco pops and stir the mixture thoroughly so all of the cereal is coated with the mallow.

Transfer to the prepared pan and press it down firmly, so it is even all over the top. Allow this to set for at least two hours.

Remove from the pan, after they have set, and cut into squares.

Make a simple icing from icing sugar and lime juice. A few tablespoons of icing sugar and a few drops of lime juice should be enough.

Drizzle this over the top of the bars and sprinkle with the lime zest. Allow the icing to set, about one hour.

And there you have a time machine, transporting you back to those chocolate lime sweeties. But these are even better course! Enjoy…

And congratulations go to Laura from Kent who won the OXO Baking Bundle!

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  1. Hmmm I love anything with lime, what a great idea for some original krispie cakes!! love the drizzle and the shaving of lime zest!


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