Saturday, 15 March 2014

Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Croissants

Nutella croissants

I made these easy chocolate hazelnut croissants after I was recently asked to try out some of Jus-Rol’s products and I jumped at the chance.

Jus-Rol make several products, probably the most well known being pastry. I always think ready-made pastry is a godsend. I have made various types of pastry, but when you can buy fresh, or frozen from the supermarket, it can save a ton of time.

Aside from their pastry they also sell a range of brilliant ready made Bake-It-Fresh goodies, these include cookie dough, garlic bread, focaccia, apple Danish, cinnamon swirls and croissants. I chose their croissants to bake as I love them and knew I wanted to pimp them up a little bit.

Of course, these flaky buttery French pastries are perfectly good (and delicious) on their own. But how about spreading some Nutella in them and some chopped nuts? That would make these even more irestistable, if possible.

I simply opened a can of the Jus-Rol croissant (tip, after peeling back the little bit of paper, whack the edge of the can off the worktop) and out they puffed. The can opens up revealing a tight roll of the croissant dough. I unrolled and separated the 6 triangles on my work surface. I spread a generous teaspoon of Nutella over the top of the croissant dough, then sprinkled on some chopped hazelnuts.

There is a knack to rolling croissants and I think I mastered it by my second can. I rolled them up and curved the ends so they almost looked like little crabs. I popped them in the pre-heated oven for about 15 minutes and out came beautifully golden brown and puffed croissants. My only slight niggle was the thin end of the croissant seemed to curl away a little, so when you make them, perhaps tuck this bit underneath.

But the result tasted amazing. Very flaky, crispy and that layer of Nutella inside – oh wow! Perfect with a cup of coffee for breakfast, I thought. And as they are so easy to make you could knock these up any day of the week!

Disclosure Statement: I received vouchers to purchase Jus-Rol product. I was not asked to provide a recipe or give a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Jus-rol croissants??? Which supermarket did you buy this from? Looks lovely x

    1. I got it in my local Tesco Charlene. I know ASDA also carries a large range on Jus-rol goodies too...


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