Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Back from hols and a Big Treat Petite Apology!

Well, we are back from another little trip to London. It was fun, but I did take poorly whilst there! My insides were like a washing machine on full cycle most of the time - but it didn't stop me from shopping and seeing a couple of shows. I picked up more great ingredients and ideas to share.

But whilst I was away my foodie friend Lisa over at United Cakedom asked if her submission for last month's Treat Petite was too late as I hadn't included it...EEK!  I completely overlooked it and I feel so, so bad. I have now updated the post but I wanted to share with you her delicious pumpkin and ginger cupcakes here too.

Perfect for Halloween, but I think'd they would taste just as good anytime!

Kat at the Baking Explorer is hosting Treat Petite this month and the theme is America - any US inspired recipe, ingredients or anything made for Thanksgiving is the order of the day. Why not take part - at least Kat won't forget any entries....

I'll be back with more recipes soon!


  1. Better late than never :) they do sound delicious, never thought of pumpkin and ginger together.

  2. Ah! Thanks! I hope you are feeling better now!! And I can't wait to see what you create with the new ingredients you picked up while visiting London!!

    Loving the American theme! ;0)


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