Monday, 30 September 2013

Healthy Snack Alert! Cinnamon Bun Larabars

Yes, it's healthy snack time. Cakeyboi’s trousers are getting a little too snug for comfort, so I thought this healthy treat would be good – plus it gives you loads of energy.

Larabars are maybe better known as Nakd bars in the UK, and they are essentially bars of dates, nuts and some other good things, plus some natural flavours. They taste ridiculously unhealthy but are high in protein, gluten free and often soy and usually dairy free. (These have a wee drizzle of cream cheese on top, so not dairy free).

Last year I made coconut and lime flavour ones and peanut butter chocolate chip. But I have to say these cinnamon bun flavour larabars are my favourite.  I found the recipe over at a gluten free website ‘What’s for Dinner Mom?’ and tweaked it a little. The result went down very well with all my samplers and I got loads of requests for the recipe, so here it is. The only proviso with Larabars is the need for a food processor to break down all the ingredients into a sticky mass.

Yield: Approx 16 small bars

225 grams of pitted medjool dates
125 grams almonds
70 grams raisins
30 grams walnuts
40 grams cashews
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon water (optional)

Icing (optional):
1 small snap-tub of light cream cheese
1 tablespoon (approx) royal icing sugar

Place all of the ingredients – minus the water - into a food processor. Blitz for a couple of minutes until all of the ingredients are finely chopped and the mixture forms a ball. My mixture was too dry so I added drops of water until it just came together.

As soon as it forms a sticky mass, place into a plastic container about 12x16cm. Press the mixture down firmly to a smooth uniform block. Chill in the freezer for an hour and then turn out onto a cutting surface. The mixture pops out of the box very easily. Cut into bars or squares depending on what size you want.

I made a little drizzle of cream cheese frosting to give it the real cinnamon bun effect, but this is entirely up to you if you want to add it. Mix the little pot of cream cheese with royal icing sugar until it gets to a drizzling consistency then with a spoon drizzle over the top. The royal icing sugar ensures a thicker icing, but won’t set completely.

There you have cinnamon bun flavoured larabars. The dates give them a very sweet and sticky texture, and even if you don’t like dates, you will be a convert. Enjoy!


  1. Oh I love Nakd bars I'm definitely going to make these

    1. Really easy to do Janice - the flavour is immense!

  2. Oh need something healthy as feeling the same waist wise at the moment!

    1. Yes, this blogging malarkey has a lot to answer for lol!!

  3. Yum - they sound so tasty! Vohn x

    1. Thanks Vohn, and very healthy too, so scoff as many as you like lol!!

  4. I'm absolutely in favour of something healthy. but healthy or not these do look seriously inviting. That frosting definitely adds the special touch for me.

    1. Thanks Phil, And for anyone not wanting the lactose element, the frosting is entirely optional, so win-win!

  5. They look wonderful I should really make my own and not buy them.

    1. You should Jac - very very easy to knock up!


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