Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mallow Banana Ginger Bites

I shouldn't tell you this, but sometimes I really lack inspiration and struggle to decide what to make. And this bake is a result of that! Except there is no baking involved here. Just some butter melting and some blowtorch action. I was wandering about the supermarket doing my ‘monthly shop’. I picked up a few random ingredients, which I thought would work well together, and came up with these Mallow Banana Ginger Bites. 

I also realised that some of the ingredients may differ, depending on which side of the pond you are on. For Angel Delight, American readers, substitute Banana Pudding mix. And Ginger Nuts are called Ginger Snaps in the US.


The banana mix uses half of the milk recommended to make it thicker and holds it shape in the bites. The ginger and banana flavours are a great combination and the mallows give a nice gooey texture. Here’s how I made them…

140 grams ginger nuts, crushed
60 grams melted, unsalted butter
1 package Banana Angel Delight or Banana Pudding mix
½ milk recommended on Angel Delight (or Pudding) pack
1 pack mini marshmallows

Line a 8”x8” pan with foil. Mix the melted butter and crushed ginger nuts until well combined. Place into the foil-lined pan and press down to get an even layer. Place into the fridge to set for a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, prepare the Angel Delight or Banana pudding with half the amount of milk the instructions on the pack tells you. Pop into the fridge to chill a little bit. Then spoon this onto the biscuit base and spread with a knife to get a nice even layer. Pop into fridge to firm up, for an hour.

Lastly cover the top of the banana mix with mini marshmallows, on their sides. Press down slightly to embed them. 

Then take a kitchen blowtorch and lightly melt the mallows, trying not to brown too much (I did, they catch very quick!). Remove the foil and cut into squares. Your Mallow Banana Ginger Bites are ready to devour! Enjoy!!


  1. Definitely something to have on a sugar-craving day. That's a lot of fun. I confess that I didn't know you could still buy Banana Angel Delight. I'm just not looking on the right supermarket shelves these days.

    1. I think Angel Delight is about to make a big comeback Phil. Mark my words ;0)


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