Monday 17 June 2013

Cakeyboi takes a bite from the Big Apple!

We are back from New York and I am still exhausted! I have no idea why jet lag affects me so badly.

But we had a fantastic few days in the Big Apple. The reason for our trip was a joint celebration, the fact Disneyboi and I have been together 10 years and I have a certain birthday coming up very soon. Sadly the weather wasn’t the best whilst we were there, but Tropical storm Andrea didn’t spoil our time.

We arrived in a dry Times Square and headed straight for Starbucks as our plan was to keep our caffeine levels topped up throughout our trip, so we could keep going! The rain started not long after and kept going until Saturday and Sunday, which were dry, then the heaven’s opened again on the Monday.

We always get told off for not smiling much in photos!

I had been once before in the 1990’s, but we did all the main sights, as this was Disneyboi ‘s first time. So we saw the Statue of Liberty, went up the Empire State Building, went to the Top of the Rock, saw Times Square, Macy’s, Central Park, walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, you name it.

Our feet by the end of the trip were in agony, as we did walk for miles. We also spent loads of dollars, on useless nick-nacks, and of course food! I plan to write about the places we went for food over the next couple of weeks and even make a couple of sweet treats which were inspired by food I ate on our time away.

We had delicious cupcakes, gooey French toast, soft-serve ice cream, ‘candy’ and the obligatory hot dog and slice of pizza on the savoury side of things.

I plan to hit the gym again this week as my trousers are getting a bit ‘nippit’! But New York was great and sadly seems like a distant memory already. But I shall keep the memory alive here on Cakeyboi at least for a couple of weeks!


  1. As an obsessive acquirer of useless nicknacks I need to know more details of what you bought!

    1. Well, due to my love of old school Hanna Barbera cartoons, I picked up a Captain Caveman soft toy, a Martha Stewart berry colander (sort of useful), magnets, Christmas baubles, a Snoopy ornament...the list goes on!

  2. New York is such an amazing place! Glad you had a great time despite the weather :) Looking forward to seeing your NYC inspired recipes.

    1. I have at least a couple Kat, up my sleeve! Coming over the next wee while.

  3. Boo, I just missed you! I went back for my yearly east coast trip on June 18th. Hope you enjoyed your trip!


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