Thursday, 16 May 2013

Clandestine Cake Club Dundee turns one too!

As well as Cakeyboi turning one this month, the Dundee branch of the Clandestine Cake Club turned one at the end of April.

I wanted to feature the Clandestine Cake Club this month, as had it not been for the CCC, I would never have started my blog. A friend last year mentioned that the club was starting up in Dundee and as soon as I heard, I fired off an email to the organisers. Jac of Tinned Tomatoes fame (number 1 UK food blog you know!) and Becca from Becca Bakes.

The Clandestine Cake Club has a mission statement - Bake, Eat and Talk about Cake. It's not a competition, just a great way to meet other like-minded baking lovers, and try everyone's cakes.

Sadly I was too late in applying and my name was popped on the reserve list. But lo and behold, I got an invite two days before the event saying somebody had pulled out. I rustled up a Hummingbird cake (below) as the theme of the first meeting was fruit. 

And it was there I met a whole new gaggle of foodie friends. One friend, Linley asked if I had a blog. Something I had never considered before. Blogging was a bit of a mystery to me. But I mulled it over, and a couple of weeks after that first Cake Club, I dipped my toes in the proverbial bloggy water. I haven’t looked back since.

The Cake Club has grown in numbers over the past year, and the various themes have been great. They’ve included, fruit as I said, ice cream flavours, the autumn, sweet shop, Love! And the last meeting held had the theme of pink.

For this I made one of the first cakes I featured on Cakeyboi, my Watermelon cake. It’s basically a yellow cake recipe, dyed pink, with chocolate chips added. 

To make the watermelon, I made my marshmallowfluffy frosting, dyed this green and added watermelon flavouring. And my watermelon cake took life.

The array of cakes at the last meeting was delicious and very appealing on the eye. Much better than mine, but I always say I am not a cake decorator – an art I have yet to master. The cakes included pink lemonade, raspberry cheesecake cake, harlequin cake, bagpuss cake, fraisier cake. They were delicious and I was stuffed as usual as was my guest, Charmaine who accompanied me to this meet.

Above - Bagpuss Cake!
Becca's beautiful cake

The meeting was held in the Mercantile bar in Commercial Street Dundee. It has recently re-opened and is a great place to spend an evening. They often have live music and they do lovely bar food too!

If you fancy joining the Clandestine Cake Club, pop over to the website and look for your nearest location.


  1. Can't believe I missed a Bagpuss cake! The mice on the mouse-organ will be equally gutted!


  2. You guys have been missed the past couple of meets!

  3. Great post Stuart. I missed that we had turned one. That went by really quickly! I think you cake looked great. I would have been excited to try it. Love the bagpuss cake too!

    Thanks for the kind words too xx

    1. A very fast year Jac!! My pleasure re:the words :)

  4. Wow all the cakes look amazing! Love the checkerboard cake!


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