Saturday 27 April 2013

The Cakeyboi Alphabet - P - What's your favourite pie??

P is for Pie in the Cakeyboi Alphabet

Such a versatile food item a pie, isn't it? Sweet or savoury, designed as a way to encase all the filling so working men could take them out into the fields, pies have come a long way.

From Lemon Meringue to Steak and Kidney, the varieties are endless. My favourite is blueberry pie (can you see the blueberry juice leaking out above?). So tell me,  what is your favourite pie??


  1. Chocolate Meringue! OR French Silk with a layer of Vanilla .... I think it's called Black Bottom Pie! : )X

  2. Ooh, I had a black bottom cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery - that was delicious!! I can see why that would be your face Debs!

  3. Pumpkin Pie will always be a favorite of mine!! :0)

    1. Love pumpkin pie - quintessentially American!!

  4. Pumpkin Pie will always be a favorite of mine!!

  5. I love pie...and almost feel disloyal for saying I prefer savoury pies. I make a lovely oxtail and veg pie that I casserole for about 4 hours before making it into a pie and it is the most savoury lush thing ever! I want pie.....

  6. Nothing wrong with savoury pies CC - I love steak and kidney - very old school!

  7. Oohhhhhh, coconut custard and pumpkin pie would be my two favorites. ^_^


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