Thursday 14 February 2013

Malted Banana Speculoos Smoothie

Try saying that when you are three sheets to the wind!!
It’s funny how some of the things you decide to make when you are a food blogger, are dictated by the ingredients you have lying about and/or used recently. And this recipe is exactly one of these!

You may have seen recently my malt and chocolate cookies, and the frosting and blondies that I had incorporated the Speculoos spread, I bought recently, into. Also, I had a couple of ripening bananas lying about. What could I make using the Horlicks, banana and Speculoos, I pondered and the answer seemed kinda obvious. Why not make something akin to a peanut butter banana milkshake?

I decided to use fat free plain yogurt. so this was slightly healthier, and I could get away with calling it a smoothie!

Yield: 500 ml of Smoothie

One banana, peeled and chopped
250 ml of fat free plain yogurt
120 ml milk (any type)
1 tablespoon Malted Drink mix (such as Horlicks)
3 tablespoons Speculoos

In a food blender, add all the ingredients. Blitz until the mixture is completely smooth. Pour into a drinking receptacle of your choice and enjoy!

Of course, you could add ice to this, if it was a hot day, and if you can’t get the Speculoos spread, Peanut Butter would work just as well.


  1. Sounds great - and I love your presentation! Those stripy straws take me back to my childhood in the 70s when we were all told there was a Humphrey about!

    1. I remember biting on the ends of those straws then getting frustrated when nothing would be able to get through them!

  2. Yum! what a great flavour combo! plus I love the stripey straw!

    1. It was drunk in a flash Gem, it was that good!


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