Saturday, 8 December 2012

House of Farnell

As it was my Christmas Prep Week (trademark) and most of my prep was done, I decided to take my mother on a little journey to the House of Farnell. This is a Danish shop and cafĂ©, tucked away in the back roads of Angus, where I live. The ‘house’ is an old school building and every year there is a Christmas fair, selling lovely baubles and Christmassy knick-knacks. It always makes me feel festive whenever I visit.

This year, as I say, I took mum along for a nosey. It had been snowing, which made the scene even more idyllic. The roads can be a bit treacherous in the bad weather, but I took my time and we got there safely.

Firstly we had a look at the shop, filled with traditional Danish Christmas decorations. Lots of hearts, candles, pixies and gingerbread houses. I wasn’t tempted to purchase anything – this time!

We had a bite of lunch, a warming bowl of creamy winter vegetable soup and crusty bread. And to follow, I had a delicious thick hot chocolate and some Æbleskiver – a traditional Danish pancake, in the shape of a ball. Very light and fluffy, these were served hot with lovely jam and sugar. Mum plumped for a gorgeous looking Danish pastry and a Chai Latte.

We took one last look around the decorations, before leaving and feeling even more in the Christmas spirit!


  1. Looks wonderful! I love a Christmas Fair and a dusting of snow makes it just about perfect.

    1. It was lovely - the snow has all gone - for now!!

  2. What a lovely place! The snow really makes it - looks like a magical fairyland!


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