Saturday 22 September 2012

Portuguese Memories

Well, we are back from a lovely few days in the sunshine of the Algarve. My batteries are totally recharged and my skin is a 'few' shades more tan as you might just be able to see above! It really was very hot, the hottest it’s been since Disneyboi and I started going to Albufeira a few years back.

There was lots of cool beer on hand to quench the thirst and more than a few caipiroska’s. This is actually a Brazilian drink that is popular where we hang out in Albufeira. It is basically lime, brown sugar, ice and vodka. But it has got my mind working and you may see influences of this very soon.

This time, I did go looking through the eyes of Cakeyboi a bit more and discovered that the Portuguese have a huge thing for pastries. One pastry in particular, which is very popular, is Pasteis De Nata – a custard tart. I tried one in a Pastelaria with a cappuccino and it was delicious. In fact I will be making these soon, so stay posted.

I always like to try the different varieties of McFlurry wherever we go in the world (a bit like my friend Steph over at Kitchen Frolic), but this time the only differing variety on hand was ‘Magnum’ flavour. It did taste nice however. 

Certainly my favourite find was a concoction called Café Zero. Think of the offspring between a McFlurry and a Starbucks and you have a lovely ice creamy coffee tasting cup of joy. They came in three flavours, espresso, cappuccino and mocaccino. I loved the cap, Disneyboi had a mocha one which he said was more chocolate than anything, but he still managed to polish it off. Delicious.

And, when abroad, I do like to pick up local comics. I have no idea what they are saying in the ‘toons, but I love to see the artwork!

We also visited Faro for the day, and on another had planned to visit a winery, owned by none other than Sir Cliff Richard. Sadly on the day we went to Guia, it was shut. But we were not too down-hearted as we still saw the street named after the 'legend' (and drank plenty of wine elsewhere)!

Overall, a great time and some ideas for treats and toons alike.

Disneyboi got a bit carried away and tried to hitch a lift with a fellow cast member!

(Oh, and I missed Cupcake week when we were away, but there is always next year!)


  1. Looks like you had fun. Love that you are focussing on the food!

  2. We did have fun, and it was good seeing it through Cakeyboi's eyes for a change ;)

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all!
    You must make Portuguese custard tarts - I wanted to for ages but was scared, then I made them and they were much easier than I expected. And yummy.

  4. Funny you should say that CC....

  5. I'm glad you had a great holiday. I can't wait to see how to make those tarts!

  6. Looks like you had an amazing holiday! I'm dying to visit Portugal myself (someday!)

    So glad you got to try those pastel de nata - I LOVE them. And (haha) the Magnum McFlurry isn't as exciting as Pistachio, but still looks pretty darn good (is it just tons and tons of chocolate?) And the Cafe Zero is definitely something I'd love to try myself!

    Glad to hear you had so much fun and got to try so many delicious treats!


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