Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Peanut Butter and Jelly Krispie Treats

PB&J Rice Krispies

Well, my Black Forest Rice Krispie Treats went down very well the other week. And I liked the idea of flavouring the marshmallow mix. What with it being the 4th July , what Treats could I make to pay homage to good ol’ US of A? Well, I love peanut butter and jam on my toast. The Yanks call it peanut butter and jelly and the jelly they use is sometimes purple grape flavour. This isn’t a common flavour across here in the UK, but it’s very sweet and almost bubblegum like.

I had purchased some grape flavour Kool-Aid mix when on my London travels and thought this would be perfect to mix into the marshmallows. And for the topping I was just going to spread some smooth PB on top, but I remembered I had some peanut butter chips, in my store cupboard and they would set hard on top. I dug them out, with my rice krispies and set to…
(thanks again to Cupcake Kelly at An American Cupcake in London for her inspiration).

30g unsalted butter
180g mini marshmallows
1 small sachet of Grape Kool-Aid mix (or 4g)
125g Rice Krispies
100g Peanut Butter Chips (or a jar of peanut butter)
Veg Oil

I sprayed a glass dish with some veg oil spray and set this aside. In a large saucepan I melted my butter and then added the marshmallows stirring constantly until melted and incorporated with the butter. I then added the Kool-Aid powder, stirring until it was all combined.

Next I took the  rice krispies and stirred this into the saucepan, mixing the mallow mix and the rice totally; it was nice and stringy (and smelt amazing!).
I then placed this into the glass dish and pressed down hard so it was all level and compact.

I let this cool and set, which took about a couple of hours. When set, I placed my peanut butter chips in a bowl over some simmering water and melted them. Now I hadn’t melted PB chips in recipes before and thought they would melt like chocolate – wrong! They seized and went into a tight lump, so I added just a drizzle of veg oil and stirred this through, making the PB very spreadable.

I tipped the rice krispies out of the dish and cut them into about 20 pieces, but you could do bigger or smaller. Then taking a knife I spread the PB mix on top of the blocks of rice krispies. I set them aside for a few hours and the PB had set. I took them into work the following day and these were even more popular than my Black Forest treats.

If you can’t get hold of grape Kool-Aid, try adding a teaspoon of strawberry flavouring. This would be like strawberry jam instead. And if you can’t get the PB chips, spread on some smooth peanut butter. This won’t set like the chips, but will still be delicious!! Enjoy…

(I've tweaked the measurements slightly from the Black Forest Treats - much firmer squares!)


  1. Look delicious, I still have some krispies but none of the US ingredients so might have to experiment.

    1. Thanks Janice - try some strawberry food flavouring and some smooth peanut butter would work just as well! Let me know how the experimenting turns out :)


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