Thursday 7 June 2012

Tomato Soup Muffins

Cakeyboi is back from his travels. But no time yet to share with you bakeries I’ve visited or use ingredients I have bought in London. So I thought I might share with you a recipe I tried before starting my blog.

If you have seen my post about Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies, you might have sussed I like to try the unusual, and when I came across a recipe for muffins that incorporated tomato soup, of course I couldn’t resist trying them.

I used the recipe at Inquisitive Cupcake but decided against making the frosting, using another recipe I had found. To be honest the raw ‘batter’ was not inspiring. I’m a big fan of trying the leftovers in the bowl, but the concoction was not good and I feared the worst. But when the muffins were taken out of the oven and left to cool a little, I couldn’t resist trying one. Lo and behold, they tasted great! The baking process obviously mellowed the flavour of the tomato soup whilst leaving it’s natural sweetness, and brought to the fore the spices used in the recipe, almost giving it a ‘carrot cake like’ nod and a wink.

As for the frosting, I used one, which incorporated flour, so it was like making a roux! The recipe also called for granulated sugar, which left the frosting grainy. I was not impressed and won’t share the link for that one. So I would advocate using the one included in the link. The photograph I took is not the most flattering, but I have since improved my food photography. I like to think of the photo as how not to take a food pic!

If you give the muffins a try yourself, let me know how they turned out.

Cakeyboi didn’t quite get the whole tomato and muffin ‘thang’!


  1. The link doesnt work...however I have made a chocolate cake with Tommie soup as an ingredient that turned out really nice :)

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the link - I've updated it! The chocolate cake with the soup sounds delish :)


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