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Is your company looking for a unique voice to help promote your brand? I love to create brand-related content and have worked with many well-known names. ...

Below are some of the services I can offer.

Product reviews?

I am happy to review products if the product is relevant to the theme of my blog.  I shall enthusiastically accept food, drinks, cookbooks, and kitchen gadgets, cookware, electrics etc!

I will only give an honest review of any item I receive which I will share on my social media. If you would like me to do a product review, I may ask you for extra product to share with my visitors in the form of a giveaway.

Don’t see your brand above? Send me an email with the product details, and I’ll let you know if your product is a good fit for my blog.

Sponsored posts?

Sponsored posts can help your brand be seen and reach a wider audience. If your company would like to collaborate with me on a sponsored post, please email me at to discuss my fee.

Recipe development?
As you may have noticed I like to create new recipes. If you would like me to whip up a recipe for your brand or product, please email to discuss my fee.

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