Monday, 5 September 2016

My Latest Degustabox (and a discount code for you)

I received my August Degustabox in the mail a few days ago – let’s take a look inside shall we?
I’ve been ploughing my way through the goodies and tried to sample as much as I can…

Firstly we have a Tabasco sweet and sticky sauce and marinade. This bottle contains a great sauce for popping on a burger or my favourite, pairing with pulled pork!

Next was some Clipper green tea flavoured with lime and ginger. This is both fruity and spicy from the ginger, and very refreshing.

There were two Nutripots inside the box. Think Pot Noodles but way healthier. I received a Thai noodles pot which has 50% of your daily vitamins. It’s packed with flavour and great for lunch, just pop on the kettle and you are almost there.

The other Nutripot was Moroccan couscous, which again you make by pouring on some boiling water. This one is high in protein and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. I love the spices in this couscous, and for me I get a good hit of cinnamon!

Dorset Cereals Bircher Muesli was also in the box. This one is packed with raspberry and blackcurrants and is perfect for breakfast. All you need to do is soak for as little as 30 minutes (I use soya milk in mine) and enjoy! The box contained a handy dandy scoop to use also.

Get More Vitamins drinks are packed with, you guessed it, vitamins. In the box was a bottle of lemon and lime flavour, which tastes a little like Sprite or 7Up, but with no added sugar, all natural flavours and spring water. Also very refreshing.

The next one I didn’t ry as I’m not a lover of olives. This was a wee pack of olives called Oloves and is flavoured with chilli, garlic and oregano. I gave these to Jane at my work who devoured them.

Disneyboi was a happy boy, as the box contained a bottle of Mahou Cinco Estrellas, a Spanish lager which he loves already. Chilled this was perfect on a hot afternoon in the sun.

Next were two of Geeta’s Curry Pastes. One was a medium tikka and the other a medium Rogan Josh. We had the Rogan Josh with some beef and it was very flavourful. Perfect accompamied with some rice.

In the box also, was some of Geeta’s premium mango chutney which we had on the side of the curry to dip some mini snackers in (see below).

Willy Chase’s Fit Corn was popcorn I hadn’t heard of before. In the box, if you purchase one, will be one of four flavours. I received the goats cheese, red onion and thyme. I gave these to my mum who loved them. She is a huge fan of flavoured popcorns and this one was right up her street.

Lastly, I received two packs of Rakusen’s Snackers. One was plain and the other gluten free. I tried the gluten free first and was a bit disappointed as they had not much flavour and a weird texture.  But I don’t need to eat gluten-free, so I enjoyed the plain ones much more, with some more of the mango chutney above!

That was my Degustabox for the month and if you would like to sign up and receive a Degustabox to your door once a month, why not use the code BLDEG15 to get a £7 discount when you sign up over at the Degustabox website.

Disclosure Statement: I received the Degustabox free to review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Olives totally give me the creeps, I'd have to remove them form the box immediately! My only phobia, kind of... I love that Mango Chutney though...


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