Thursday, 28 July 2016

Goodies Galore in my Degustabox

I recently received a new Degustabox to enjoy and I wanted to share with you all the goodies that were inside.

Degustabox is where you sign up to receive a box every month, which is full of surprise products, new to the market. For £12.99 a month (or £11.99 if you pay bi-annually) you are guaranteed tastiness coming to your front door, 

I don’t know about you, but I love trying all the new products when having a wander about the supermarket. I pick things up thinking I must give that a try. And with more and more online shopping, I don’t tend to see as much sadly.

But having a Degustabox dropped off once a month, packed with lots of new stuff to sample, is a great way of still getting my fill of the new items of supermarket shelves.

In the July Degustabox was a great assortment of different items.

First off was a bottle of Sarsons vinegar. But not any old vinegar, balsamic from Modena. This is a slightly sweet vinegar, delicious in salad dressings or even great paired with some strawberries.

Next we had some pickled gherkins from Felix. I love crunchy gherkins and these ones are sweet and tangy. I usually pop them chopped into my daily salads for lunch. They are also great sliced and popped on top of a burger.

Now, in the box was a couple of packs of Itsu crispy seaweed thins. I LOVE crispy seaweed which I regularly pick up from the Chinese supermarket. In Asia, people scoff seaweed like crisps. They taste of the sea and contain lots of healthy minerals and vitamins, plus are only 2 calories per thin. I love these with a glass of wine.

Also great with a glass of wine, the Seabrooks crisps in the box were a big hit. These are thick and crunchy Lattice Food Heroes and in my box I got chicken jalfrezi flavour. Full of flavour, these also have a handy way of opening and resealing on the top which is perfect for sharing.

There were a few drinks to give a try in the July box also. Great for this balmy summer weather.

There was Rejuvenation water, which is packed with amino acids, good for the immune system, fights anxiety, depression and helps with digestion. In my box was Spanish Orange flavoured water. I had this with some lunch one day and it tasted very refreshing.

There was also a carton of Cracker Drinks pineapple, coconut and lime flavour fruit juice. I like fruit juice with my breakfast and this juice provides you with one of your five a day, has no added sugar or fake sweeteners. (This juice is also tasty with some vodka btw as Disneyboi can attest to!)

ALO drinks are made with real aloe vera, and in the Degustabox I received a bottle of the ALO drink with honey. I have to say this one was not a hit with me personally, but it’s good to give these things a try.

Now, I hate cucumber - it's the one thing I say no to when I order my sub at that famous sandwich chain. But Qcumber water, which was in a can, is very, very refreshing. It does taste of the vegetable but in a good way, if like me you are not a fan. In fact I had some with some gin, and this paired together very well!

Another item I received was two cans of were Berrywhite sparkling organic fruit drink. In my box I received lemon and ginger and cranberry and guava. The latter was very thirst quenching over ice. The lemon and ginger wasn't for me though and tasted like drinking a fruit lozenge sadly.

For breakfast lovers, which I am one, Jordan’s new no added sugar swiss style muesli was in the bag. This is a traditional muesli with oats, wheat flakes, raisins and almonds. Drenched in milk, this is an extremely enjoyable way to start the day.

On to the sweet side of things, and there was plenty for us sweet-toothed people to enjoy.

Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles are a well-known sweet here in the UK and have been for decades. They have now brought out a range called Infusions, with fruit fusion flavours going on. In the bag are tangy orange and grapefruit, berrilicious raspberry and pomegranate and floral apple and elderflower. These really do make your mouth water.

Bahlsen biscuits are another favourite of mine, especially with a cuppa. The choco Leibniz biscuits are not new to the market. But they now come in handy two in a pack portions. So you can enjoy your biscuits set into chocolate in a lunchbox or generally on the go.

Lastly, Brookside chocolates. Nothing to do with the much-missed Channel 4 soap opera! These are dark chocolates filled with fruit flavours. In my box was acai and blueberry. These are fruity and sweet in equal measure. They come in a resealable bag so you can enjoy a few at a time, or have as many as you want.

Imagine getting a box delivered every month, stuffed with goodies such as these. Well you can sign up at the Degustabox website and I have an exclusive £7 discount for you. Simply enter BLDEG15 where it asks for a discount code, apply and it's as simple as that.

Why not pop over and start your Degustabox taste adventure now!

Disclosure Statement: I received the Degustabox free to review. Any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I used to get the degustabox. It has definitely improved over the last few months. Some of that looks delicious

  2. I have had quite a few of the degustabox - really random stuff inside!

  3. Seabrooks Lattice crisps and the Leibniz biscuits are two of my favourites! What a delicious selection :)


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